There is such a vast array of helmets in the market place, it can be difficult to choose the one that’s right for you. Price can often be a big factor in making your choice, but it doesn’t always pay to go for the cheapest when thinking about your head. Let’s start with the basics and we can narrow it down by a good percentage. Helmets come in full face, open face, flip front, motocross (MX), adventure and trials. FULL FACE: A good all round helmet. OPEN FACE: For those who do not like to be enclosed in a helmet or prefer a more classic style. These can come with or without a visor. FLIP FRONT: Great for touring and those that wear glasses, as the front opens up (meaning you won’t have to take it off every fuel station) MOTOCROSS, ADVENTURE & TRIALS: Often used in sport and off-road (although they can still be road legal). And what about the material? This can affect the weight and price of a helmet, so is worth noting. Carbon and Fibreglass are both lighter and stronger as are composite weaves like Shoei’s AIM or HJC’s PIM. Most helmets come in Matt Black, Gloss Black and White as a plain option, but all have their own graphics too which change regularly if you want a more customised look. Sizes are measured around the circumference of you head – which is the best guide to choosing your size, but beware that the 3D shape does vary slightly, so you may find a large in one make or model fits, whereas the same in another doesn’t. If you’re ever not sure about your options or some of the extra features (like internal visors or Bluetooth) feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.